Dear customers,

The health and safety of Stop & Shop’s customers and associates is our highest priority. As we continue to actively monitor developments related to coronavirus in the U.S., I wanted to reach out personally to share what we’re doing to go above and beyond our standard measures to maintain a sanitary environment in our stores and to keep our shelves stocked with what you need.

We are closely following the guidance of local, national and global health authorities including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and here are some of the proactive steps we’re taking:

Keeping Our Stores Safe
Stop & Shop has robust procedures in place relative to cleaning and sanitizing our stores, and we have amplified those efforts to ensure you can shop with confidence. For example, we’ve ramped up our already thorough processes to sanitize high-touch areas, and our associates are wiping down checkout areas including the belts and pin pads even more frequently with disinfectant. Our associates are also conducting handwashing at more frequent intervals as well as using hand sanitizer on a regular basis.

Out of an abundance of caution, we have also suspended food sampling programs and events until further notice.

We’re focused on keeping our associates safe and healthy and are providing them with updated tips and guidance from the CDC and local health officials on healthy workplace habits. We are working to ensure our associates have items like disinfecting wipes, gloves and hand sanitizers to use at work to help keep themselves and customers healthy.

Stocking Items You Need
Our team is in close contact with suppliers and is working diligently to try to keep high-demand products in stock like hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, toilet tissue as well as bleach and other cleaning products. In some cases, these products are in very limited supply across the U.S. As soon as the products become available in the marketplace, we’re moving quickly to re-stock our shelves and make them available to you. In addition, we monitor inventory daily to ensure these high-demand categories are in stock at all Stop & Shop stores to the greatest extent possible.

With items that are in high demand, we have imposed a limit of five per customer both in-store and online to ensure more of our customers are able to access items they may need. (Of note, this limit is subject to change based on product availability and as we continue to monitor the situation.)

Home Delivery and Pickup
Stop & Shop’s home delivery customers can request an “unattended delivery.” This means that the driver will drop your order on your front step, ring the doorbell, then depart. If you are interested in this service, you can enter this request under special instructions at checkout, or e-mail You may also want to consider our Pickup service as a quick and easy way to place your order and have it brought right out to your car at your local store. Visit to see options for your area.

Just as with our stores and in-store associates, our home delivery facilities and drivers are also taking additional measures to promote cleanliness like regular handwashing and use of hand sanitizer, per CDC guidance.

If you have any further questions about our efforts, we welcome you to call our Stop & Shop Customer Care line at 1-800-767-7772.

We understand that Stop & Shop plays an important role in our communities during situations like this, and we’re committed to doing our very best to support customers and associates throughout this time. Thank you so much for choosing to shop with us, and we hope that the steps we’re taking can give you the added confidence we’re doing all we can to help keep you safe.

Best regards,

Gordon Reid
President, The Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.