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Donate food to nonprofit organizations to make a difference in the world. Many organizations provide meals to needy families around the world. Some examples include Feeding America, Dreaming Out Loud, Aloha Harvest, and The Felix Project. If you’re feeling inspired, you can donate online to these organizations.

The Felix Project

The Felix Project is an organization that rescues surplus food from businesses and distributes it to charities in need. The food is sorted, packaged, and delivered to charities in North and East London that serve low-income families. Don McGarr volunteers at the project, dropping off supplies at various charity centers. He loads his van with food donations from major food companies and heads back to the Felix Project’s depot to sort and prepare the food for distribution.

Felix’s Kitchen collects donated fresh food and packages five or six packaged meals daily. Professional chefs supervise the Kitchen. There are vegan and vegetarian meals available on the menu. The Kitchen is part of the Felix Project, a charity founded by Justin Byam Shaw. The charity’s mission is to reduce food waste and feed the hungry.

The Felix Project delivers food to charities and schools in the U.K. They also visit disadvantaged communities to distribute food. It provides nourishment to vulnerable people – those with mental health problems or those with limited resources. MC Group wanted to work with the Felix Project after hearing about the pandemic. We donated to the organization and were eager to find more ways to support its mission.

Dreaming Out Loud

Dreaming Out Loud is a nonprofit organization that promotes the inclusion of Black farmers in the food industry. Its mission is to rebuild community-based food systems and sustainable practices in urban communities. Founded by Christopher Bradshaw in 2008, it works to alleviate hunger in Washington, D.C., where one in seven households is food insecure.

Dreaming Out Loud is an exemplary example of an organization that creates jobs in the food industry by building economic opportunities in marginalized communities. It strives to create a more equitable food system and ensure an abundant food supply. To that end, the organization works with low-income residents and at-risk adults to develop small businesses with sustainable incomes.

To support this critical mission, donors can purchase food from participating farms. Dreaming Out Loud has a CSA program that offers farm-fresh produce from the D.C. metro area. It also delivers these fruits and vegetables to recipients throughout the region. Additionally, the nonprofit organization supports under-served farmers by offering them market access and revenue-generating opportunities.

Dreaming Out Loud works within a complex food system and is involved in the legislative process. As a result, it acts as a conduit for advocacy efforts in the D.C. region. Its leadership serves on the D.C. Food Policy Council, which drafts legislation affecting the region. Additionally, it provides access to a regional network of Black farmers.

Aloha Harvest

Aloha Harvest is an organization that rescues surplus food from Hawaii restaurants, hotels, catering events, and other sources and re-distributes it to the local community. The organization has collected over 11 million pounds of food and works with over 650 donors to ensure that food is distributed to those who need it most.

The nonprofit organization collects and delivers quality food that would otherwise go to waste. It partners with local farmers and grocery stores to rescue food that can be donated to local organizations that feed the hungry. They pick up donated food, deliver it to partner agencies for free, and provide services seven days a week.

Aloha Harvest is headquartered on the Big Island of Hawaii and employs seven full-time and two part-time staff. Executive Director Ku’ulei Williams, Mele Pepa, Julie Williams, and weekday drivers Hiram and Kiki Johnson. Part-time employees include Greg Nacapoy and Jayson Canoneo.

Feeding America

Feeding America is a nonprofit organization that donates food to help alleviate hunger and poverty. The organization works to eliminate food insecurity in the United States and partners with local food pantries to distribute donated goods. It also advocates for legislation to prevent food from being wasted.

The donation is part of Cargill’s longstanding legacy in the fight against hunger. The company has donated more than $4.9 million to Feeding America’s member food banks to help combat the hunger epidemic. This donation is especially timely, given the ongoing pandemic and the economic impacts on communities that face food insecurity.

Every dollar donated to Feeding America goes a long way toward helping fight hunger. A single donation to Feeding America provides ten meals for people facing hunger. Moreover, the organization matches your contributions, so even a $1 donation can help provide 20 meals to those in need.

Sharehouse Supermarkets

Sharehouse Supermarkets is an organization that helps people fight hunger by donating surplus food. It started as a pilot scheme in Leeds in the autumn of 2016. Since then, they have expanded to six stores, saving more than six tonnes of food each week. The food is donated to charities and distributed through Sharehouse Supermarkets.

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