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Donate Fruit to Food Banks Grocery store

Many food organizations will reimburse you for donated fruit to offset the cost of picking, packing, and hauling. Prices are often negotiable and should be comparable to what you’d pay for a juicer. Some large relief organizations will direct small donations of fruit to local food banks. Depending on the donation size, the organization may offer a higher or lower price for the fruit.


Rick Alderson, a fourth-generation orchardist, donates fruit to Northwest Harvest, a nonprofit organization that supplies food banks in Washington. The organization’s volunteer program allows local orchardists to pick fruit and deliver it to food banks across the state. Rick Alderson has been donating fruit to Northwest Harvest for 12 years. Alderson once owned 30 acres of orchard land, and he often sees kids picking fruit for the nonprofit organization.

He says that working with the land makes the Bible and liturgy more meaningful to him. He also has experience in planting and coordinating garden networks, having helped start the California School Garden Network with 40 other organizations. The network has helped secure funding for 4,000 school gardens and has developed extensive training for educators. It also includes lesson plans that are aligned with state standards.


If you have an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, consider donating them to the Greenmarket food bank. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a vital part of a healthy diet. Fortunately, community marketplaces like the Greenmarket food bank can help people struggling to find the food they need.

By donating fresh fruits and vegetables to Greenmarket, you’ll be helping people in need in your neighborhood. The food bank collects these items from local grocery stores and distributes them on the same day. It is a beautiful way to help the less fortunate in New York State eat fresh produce.

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Food banks can’t help everyone, but the ones in your neighborhood may benefit from donations of fruit and vegetables. Many organizations work with local farmers and wholesale produce companies to collect unsalable fruits and vegetables. The organizations then store and process these donations. They are responsible for distributing millions of pounds of food each year.

Donating fruit and vegetables is a great way to help those in need, and it’s safe. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has helpful information about donating safe foods. Food pantries may be limited in terms of storage and timing, so it’s recommended to contact several to determine the best option. You can use the Foodbank Locator to find several food pantries. The website maintains a list of over 350 organizations, including food pantries.

Food banks are nonprofit organizations with a community-based Board of Directors. They aim to ensure that everyone can access healthy food and work with local communities to meet this goal. Food banks provide access to nutritious foods through a system of drop-off locations and a free pick-up service. They also offer resources and liability protections for donors.

West Side Campaign Against Hunger

Donating fruit to the West Side Campaign Against Hunger is an excellent way to give back to an organization that is doing great things in your community. The organization is one of the largest emergency food providers in the city, and last year they distributed 1.5 million pounds of food to those in need. One-third of the food they spread was fresh fruits and vegetables. They also provide a variety of social services to their clients. Last year, they enrolled 586 families in food stamps, referred 453 individuals to GED and ESL classes, and helped 196 people land jobs.

The West Side Campaign Against Hunger is a nonprofit organization located in the basement of Saint Paul & Saint Andrew United Methodist Church on 86th Street and West End Avenue. It provides free groceries to families in need in the neighborhood. The organization works to change the culture by providing food with dignity. The organization aims to empower people to tackle problems and move toward a better future.

WSCAH also runs a mobile food pantry, and it works with community-based organizations, religious institutions, and health centers to reach the underserved in the city. It targets Northern Manhattan and the Bronx communities with the highest poverty rates. The organization operates a supermarket-style food pantry so that clients can select healthy foods for their families.

Donate fruit to the West Side Campaign Against Hunger today by purchasing fresh fruit and donating it to the organization. Even a small donation of $25 will help buy a case of oranges and four milk issues. Similarly, a donation of $250 will buy 300 pounds of fresh potatoes and 300 pounds of fresh fruit. If you cannot donate fresh fruit or other produce, donate frozen or canned fruit to the organization.

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