How to Donate Money For Food in India

How to Donate Money For Food in India Food bank to donate

If you would like to donate money for food in India, you can do so through various platforms. These platforms include GiveAway, Oxygen for India, and Little India Foundation. These organizations partner with local communities to provide the poor with food and shelter. These organizations also help educate the poor about eating healthy and nutritious foods.


One way to donate money for food in India is through GiveAway, a crowdsourcing website. GiveAway matches donors with verified beneficiaries. It is a safe and trusted platform that enables donors to track the impact of their contributions. The platform uses technology to collect donations from anywhere in the world and expertise to build needed databases.

Food rations are provided to families in need. Many people in the country are starving. In 2015, when floods struck Chennai, GiveAway became aware of the hunger problem in India. The floods had left hundreds of families stranded, homeless, and hungry. During this time, GiveAway contacted ten corporates, most of whom responded by donating food, cash, or some other relief. McDonald’s, for example, donated Rs 10 lakh in coupons distributed by flood relief volunteers.


To help the people in India fight hunger and poverty, you can donate money to organizations like Akshaya Patra. These organizations provide guaranteed meals to underprivileged children and their families. Providing a steady supply of nutritious food, these organizations help children overcome deprivation and develop skills to fulfill their dreams.

If you travel in India, you may come across beggars asking for food or money. You can donate money or food to these individuals by purchasing their food. Another option is to partner with an NGO and buy the food they need. If you cannot travel to India, you can donate money to these organizations.

Another great way to donate money for food in India is through a not-for-profit organization called Feeding India. This organization started in 2016 at Hazaribag in Bihar and has more than 100 volunteers across eight chapters. Collecting surplus food from events, parties, and corporates provides more than three hundred thousand meals daily. In addition to providing food to the poor, this organization is dedicated to providing education and skill training to people in rural communities.

Oxygen for India

Oxygen for India is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide oxygen to people in need in the developing world. It also offers free food and medical supplies. Oxygen for India is made possible through the support of donors. If you’d like to contribute to the mission, you can donate money to Oxygen for India on its Ketto page. Oxygen for India also accepts donations for a COVID-19 response effort through Project HOPE. Other organizations providing oxygen and supplies to the country include the Association for India’s Development and American India Foundation.

Several international donors support the oxygen for India’s Feeding India initiative, which provides food and oxygen for those in need. Though international donor attention has focused on Delhi and Bengaluru in recent years, the issue of oxygen shortages in other regions has yet to receive the attention it deserves. Only 394 of India’s 700 districts report positivity rates above 10%.

Another organization that accepts donations is Save the Children, which donates money to help provide food and oxygen to India’s poorest residents. This organization also provides supplies for medical staff, such as oxygen concentrators, to treat children with severe respiratory problems. The organization’s website details how donations from $50 to $150 can help provide food and medical supplies for people in India.

Little India Foundation

The Little India Foundation is a nonprofit organization that connects donors with various underprivileged groups and provides them different services. The organization focuses on multiple issues, including food, sanitation, healthcare, waste management, and women empowerment. Its main goal is to provide enough food for everyone, especially those underweight. Since its founding, the Foundation has provided over 2 million meals to underprivileged families in India.

Other projects have been aimed at promoting art and culture. The Foundation sponsors free art classes for underprivileged children in Delhi and Gurgaon. In addition, the organization sponsors art competitions for cancer patients. In a recent event, it hosted an art exhibition at the Rotary Club of South West Delhi, which attracted more than 5000 participants.

The Foundation is also involved in distributing pollution masks to the needy. This initiative helps the Foundation support the needy in over-polluted areas and urban slums. It also provides food, materials, and clothes to the poor in these areas. Moreover, it offers need-based assistance to the needy whenever it is needed.

Another project the Foundation supports is the India Food Banking Network. This nonprofit organization channels the surplus food from events, weddings, and corporate events to feed hungry families in India. Through the network of 136 volunteers in 45+ cities across the country, the organization can provide over 5 million meals a year to underprivileged people.

Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid, a charity organization, linked to the banned extremist group Sikhs For Justice, has been under investigation by the National Investigation Agency. According to reports, the organization has been deceiving donors by spending donated money on personal expenses. The organization has received PS3,901,362 in donations during its fiscal year 2018-19 but spent only PS1,384,104. This raises questions about the organization’s motives and whether it’s genuinely giving food to needy people.

Khalsa Aid works to provide humanitarian aid to people in conflict and disaster areas and has an extensive network of volunteers from across the world. These volunteers work tirelessly to assist those in need during crises. In recent years, the organization has helped with projects that range from serving langar to providing clean water for displaced people. The organization has recently shipped oxygen tanks and concentrators to afflicted communities in India.

During the recent Kerala floods, Khalsa Aid’s volunteers worked to provide aid to people affected by the natural disaster. In addition to providing emergency food, they distributed food parcels to the victims and helped clean up the area. They also helped the Sikhligar Sikh community in MP by supplying them with new brick houses and free education for their children.

The NGO Khalsa Aid has also received a generous donation from JK Rowling’s charitable trust for their work in India. The belief is to help the organization buy medical equipment and help those in need.

United Way

The United Way’s Food For the Poor program delivers healthy, hygienic meals to the underprivileged. It sells meal boxes for Rs 30 each to raise funds for food and medical supplies. Additionally, it supports the local health authorities fight against coronavirus. And it helps keep hospital workers safe by providing them with hazmat suits, gloves, and masks.

The United Way traditionally funds its programs through paycheck deductions. But recently, a wealthy donor gave a one-time gift of $57 million to 45 United Way chapters in India. MacKenzie Scott, a billionaire, crowned Forbes World’s Most Powerful Woman, donated the funds to her local branch to give back to the communities that support them.

The organization also has partnered with FedEx, which is flying a specially chartered 777F to India to transport the food and supplies free of charge. The Indian diaspora, about four million people, has also helped by donating to online platforms. These online fundraising sites route the money to nonprofits in India. One such organization is Indiaspora, a nonprofit community of mostly Indian-American donors. On the first day of the campaign, the Indiaspora raised nearly $5 million, which was distributed to various Indian nonprofits.

The United Way was founded more than 125 years ago and focused on mobilizing communities’ caring power to improve people’s lives.

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