Places to Donate Baby Food and Baby Supplies

Places to Donate Baby Food and Baby Supplies Donate food

When you’re running low on baby food or baby supplies, you can always donate them to a charity. There are a variety of places you can donate to: baby banks, thrift stores, donation websites, word-of-mouth, and social networks. Local community non-profit organizations are often a good place to donate because most people are familiar with them. Local thrift stores are also an excellent place to donate as they usually resell items at deep discounts.

Social media

If you’re looking for places to donate baby food and formula, social media are great places to start. There are groups that match people with baby formula, and others coordinate donation drives themselves. You can also contact local hospitals to see if they have donated formula. There are many options in your area, so do some research and find out what’s available. Make sure you only donate formula that is still usable.

The shortage of baby formula has thousands of parents on Facebook looking for sources. One North Carolina woman is shipping formula across the country to help out. It’s inspiring to see that even one person can help other new parents, as the social network is a great platform for connecting and helping others in need.

Accredited nonprofits

If you have excess baby formula, you can donate it to an accredited nonprofit. Many families end up with extra formula that is no longer needed or unused. Generally, food banks and WIC clinics don’t accept baby formula donations. The nonprofits listed below can help with the distribution.


If you have extra baby food or formula, you can donate it to the YMCA. The Y’s child care centers throughout Orange County have served as collection points for more than half a million items. Since 2008, the YMCA has been collecting infant-care items through its “Essentials for Young Lives” campaign.

If you want to make a bigger impact, consider donating to the YMCA. You can make a one-time donation or round up your monthly membership amount to make a recurring donation. If you are an employee of the YMCA, you can also set up a bi-weekly or monthly payroll deduction.

The Y’s Food Assistance program provides shelf-stable food to those in need. The food is picked up three times a month, with pick-up days varying depending on the availability of items. If you cannot make the pick-ups, you can also arrange for a delivery. The YMCA is located in many communities, including Millburn, Short Hills, and Springfield.

Housing Works

Housing Works is a place where you can donate food, clothing and household items. It accepts donations of all types during regular business hours. However, don’t donate baby clothing or items with tags, as these won’t be accepted. You can also donate furniture and household items. Housing Works also accepts donations of baby and toddler items.

Housing Works is a nonprofit organization that provides lifesaving resources to people who are living with HIV or AIDS. While the charity started by providing stable housing for HIV-positive individuals, it has expanded to include behavioral and medical care. You can donate clothing, toys and other household items to help the homeless and other individuals in need.

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