Places to Donate Food in the Pittsburgh Area

Places to Donate Food in the Pittsburgh Area Donate food

Whether you live in the Pittsburgh area or are just passing through, there are plenty of places you can donate food to those in need. In addition to food pantries, many businesses donate their excess food supplies. You can also drop off your donations at NHCO locations. The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank also accepts donations.

There are many food pantries around Pittsburgh. Donating food to one of them is a great way to give back to the community. The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is one of the largest food banks in the Pittsburgh area and operates three pantries in Northern Allegheny County. Donations can be dropped off at any of the locations during business hours. On Saturdays, donations are accepted from 9 am to noon. The food bank also accepts gluten-free food.

Drop off donations at NHCO locations

Donate school supplies, new backpacks, or anything else you might have to give to children in need. North Hills Community Outreach, a local nonprofit that helps families in the northern suburbs, has several drop-off locations throughout the city. Items to donate include notebooks, binders, paper, pencils, pens, calculators, and more. Each year, the nonprofit provides nearly 1,200 children with a backpack full of essentials.

There are six NHCO locations in Pittsburgh where you can drop off your donations. These locations are open Monday through Friday, and you can drop off donations from 9 am to noon on Saturdays. You can also drop off gluten-free items at any one of these locations. Donations are accepted year-round and do not have to be food-related.

Unity Food Pantry

The Unity Food Pantry is a food pantry that serves families in Greentree, Banksville, Westwood, Crafton Heights, Mt. Lebanon, and Scott, Pennsylvania. They also provide emergency food to those in need in Greentree and Dormont, PA. Their goal is to help those in need in the community to meet basic needs, such as food, clothes, and toiletries.

The Pantry serves many different communities and faces a variety of challenges. For instance, about 25 to 30 percent of its clients are children, about 20 percent are seniors, and twenty percent are legally disabled. These individuals may have physical, intellectual, and mental problems. The Pantry also serves employed clients, who typically have low incomes.

The Unity Food Pantry is a member agency of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and has served families in the Pittsburgh area for over 30 years. The Pantry provides food for 110-140 people from about 70 families each month. Items distributed include dairy products, canned vegetables, fresh fruits and meat, baby food, and non-perishable items. This food pantry is staffed by volunteers who help to load the food into client vehicles each week.

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Donating food to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is a rewarding experience, and there are many ways to get involved. In addition to donating food, you can also volunteer your time at the food bank. The food bank’s mission is to fight hunger and malnutrition in our community. To this end, it is committed to working with the Pittsburgh Health Authority to help people who are hungry and in need by fostering the demand for healthier food options. Volunteers can help by organizing fundraisers and other activities to raise funds for the organization.

Many workplaces have programs that allow employees to contribute to local nonprofits. Employee matching programs often triple the impact of charitable donations. Donating to a local food bank through your employer’s annual giving campaign can increase the impact of your generous gift. For example, your company may have an employee matching program that matches up to 2% of your donations.

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