Restaurants in New York That Donate Food to Schools

Restaurants in New York That Donate Food to Schools Donate food

Several restaurants in New York donate food to local schools. Some of these restaurants include Beyond Sushi, Le Pain Quotidien, and Treadwell Park. Some also offer reduced-priced meals for the kids at nearby schools. Some restaurants also donate supplies to homeless shelters.

Treadwell Park

Treadwell Park is a place that regularly donates food to schools and other charities. The food bank is run by the Crisis Relief Committee of the United Methodist Church in Treadwell. It has operated in the basement of the church for 35 years. The board members included Nancy Barnes, Donna Briggs, Ira Hall, Margaret Hazlett, and Beulah Hussey. Many volunteers worked in the food bank as well.

Le Pain Quotidien

The company recently launched a new program called Pay it Forward. This program allows customers to give food to people in need in exchange for a gift card for a meal or dessert. The cards can be used to pay for everything from a coffee to a full dinner for two. Another program allows customers to take a cooking class or enroll in a baking course. Once the person receives the card, they must return the receipt and claim the order.

The Le Pain Quotidien chain has 238 locations across 18 countries. If you’re planning to visit one of these locations, look at the extensive menu. The food is organic and crafted to be healthy and nutritious. Many menu items are served on organic wheat bread or whole wheat bread. Whether you’re looking for an English-style breakfast or a traditional French meal, you’ll find it at this cafรฉ. The interiors are cozy, and the cafe is excellent for studying and socializing.

The company also donates food to local schools. For every 1.8 kilogram loaf of bread purchased in London, the company will donate one to a primary school, providing enough for one hundred children to qualify for Free School Meals. Moreover, the company will match every 1.8kg loaf sold by customers in London with a voucher for a loaf of bread. In addition, the company will distribute the coupons through primary schools in the local community.

Beyond Sushi

Beyond Sushi is an excellent example of a vegan restaurant giving back to its community. As one of the first restaurants on the east coast to partner with the Support + Feed program, this restaurant is feeding healthcare professionals and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also donates food to local schools and other organizations that support healthy eating.

The company’s core menu is made with wholesome ingredients, such as agave syrup, instead of sugar. It sources its tofu locally and uses non-GMO varieties. It also offers monthly rolls featuring black rice, cucumber, and red cabbage. It also sells pasta and skewers.

Beyond Sushi has five locations throughout Manhattan. It also offers takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining options. Guy Carpenter, the co-founder, is a proud vegan who hopes to make a difference in the world by spreading healthy food to people. His favorite dishes are those from his Israeli and Moroccan backgrounds.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Stone Barns and Blue Hill were “joined at the hip.” But the pandemic hit both places hard, and the latter was forced to cut its dining room and lay off most of its employees. After a brief financial meltdown, the two restaurants received a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program for more than $2 million. But the rules require them to use 60 percent of the money for payroll.

The partnership between the two organizations has led to a more flexible schedule and reduced stress for staff. Today, the restaurant is about 60 percent restaurant, and 40 percent is dedicated to Stone Barns culinary R&D. Blue Hill also helps run educational programs and conducts research to help children in need.

The James Beard home also houses the James Beard Foundation, which is dedicated to fostering an interest in food and culture. Founder James Beard wanted to change the way Americans ate and cooked. The James Beard Foundation has named Blue Hill at Stone Barns its best restaurant. Together, these organizations have made a significant mark on the food world.

Brooklyn Chop House

In addition to donating food to schools, Brooklyn Chop House also contributes meals to medical teams in the New York area. Through their partnership with the Maggie Baird and Billie Eilish-founded support+feed, the restaurant donates 250 hearty plant-based meals to medical groups each night. The restaurant also offers first responders 20% off their meals. Since opening, Brooklyn Chop House has fed over 2,000 hospital workers a week.

Brooklyn Chop House, located in lower Manhattan, was doing well during the pandemic. The restaurant’s cross-cultural menu features a mix of Chinese and steakhouse foods. It’s also renowned for its dumplings, which are filled with everything from matzoh ball soup to gyro meat. As a result, the restaurant’s popularity surpassed its original expectations.

The community is encouraged to attend the event and donate to the cause. KOP Restaurant Week is held April 4 – 10 and features prix-fixe menus, donation days, and special deals from many local fast-casual/quick-service restaurants. The proceeds benefit the CHOP King of Prussia campus and the Middleman Family Pavilion.


Panera donates food to schools because it believes that good food should be accessible to everyone. In response to the world’s growing food crisis, the company has found ways to provide school meals. They’ve expanded this model to offer more than 65,000 school meals a year, and they’re still looking for partners to serve meals during the summer months.

Donating food to a school is a great way to support a local school, community, or other nonprofit organization. Schools can even conduct fundraising events and use this opportunity to spread the word. Donate food, baked goods, and funds to local nonprofits to support those in need. Panera’s corporate office declined to comment on the fate of the Wilkes-Barre Township location. However, Manna House will reach out to other community businesses to get more donations.

Panera’s “Day-End Dough-Nation” program collects bread and pastries that might otherwise be thrown out. These items are then donated to local food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and senior centers. Donating leftover food is one of the company’s most visible and impactful ways of supporting the local community.

Blaze Pizza

Did you know that Blaze Pizza donates food to schools? The company recently hosted a fundraiser for the Acadiana Homeschool Builders Club at the Lafayette location. This student-led organization provides opportunities to build character and leadership through service. It donates food and supplies to schools that are in need.

During September, Blaze Pizza will donate 25 percent of its net sales to school-related organizations. Customers will be asked to use a unique promotion code when ordering from any of its locations during this promotion. This code will automatically donate 25 percent of their purchase to the school. The chain operates 340 locations in 38 states and six countries.

If you are interested in hosting a fundraising event at your location, please get in touch with Blaze Pizza. They will reply to your request within seven days. To ensure your event’s success, reserve a spot at least 14 days before the event. Then promote your event via social media. Once your fundraiser is confirmed, you will receive a check in the mail from Blaze Pizza.

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