Restaurants That Donate Food to Schools

Restaurants That Donate Food to Schools Donate food

Restaurants that donate food to schools are an excellent way to show your support for your local school system. Several chains do this, including Pizzerias such as Zio’s, Zucker’s, and Fields Good Chicken. Other types of restaurants donate food to schools, such as LongHorn Steakhouse.

Pizzerias that donate food to schools

A great way to support schools and organizations is by supporting local pizzerias that donate food. Many of these pizzerias donate gift cards that can be used to purchase food at fundraisers or raffle prizes. You can also find gift cards that can be used at local sandwich shops and delis.

Bertucci’s Pizza has a “Dining for Dollars” program that donates 15 percent of the proceeds to schools. This evening event fundraiser takes place every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. When guests present the flyer, they receive 15% off their food bill. You can call your local Bertucci’s manager to set up a similar event in your community.

Fields Good Chicken

In New York City, a fast-casual chicken restaurant called Fields Good Chicken is making a significant impact by donating food to schools and hospitals. The company sources chicken from humanely raised farms and uses high-quality ingredients. Founder Field Failing was a frustrated athlete and found it hard to get healthy food in a hurry. He decided to do something about that.

Fields Good Chicken is a fast-casual restaurant with five locations in NYC. They are also open for take-out and delivery. In addition, their director of culinary, Dan Jackson, is constantly developing new specials. For example, next week, they will offer a Family Meal package with three sides and cornbread.


In addition to donating food to schools, Zucker’s Restaurant also provides meals to needy people. The restaurant’s menu features elevated versions of typical dishes, such as four-cheese macaroni and cheese and poblano and mozzarella fried chicken. The restaurant even provides lunches to local businesses and schools.

The restaurant’s owners have also decided to open a kiosk in Bogardus Plaza to sell bagels and other items. Besides bagels, the booth will offer Pizza and hot dogs, egg and cheese sandwiches, soft serve, avocado toast, and La Colombe coffee. Matt Pomerantz and Dan Pace, who own Zucker’s Restaurant on Chambers Street, will run the new kiosk.

Cru Cafe is another Charleston dining destination. The cafe is located inside a restored Charleston home and opened several years ago, years before other Charleston restaurants followed suit. The open kitchen and chef’s counter at Cru Cafe is a significant feature of Zucker’s food. The chef’s creative approach to Southern-style dishes puts a chef’s spin on them. The grilled pork chop is served with coconut Carolina Gold Rice, and the fried green tomatoes have pork belly croutons.

In addition to donating food to schools, Zucker’s Restaurant donates food to local hospitals and other organizations. The restaurant’s fried chicken buckets cost $40 apiece and include sides and biscuits. To donate or order a bucket, visit the website. It also has information on donating food to hospitals and other organizations.

LongHorn Steakhouse

A donation from LongHorn Steakhouse in Heath, Ohio, will help feed hungry kids in the community. The company is participating in the Par Excellence program and has donated food and time to help make a difference in children’s lives. The restaurant has several regional locations and has donated more than 19 million pounds of food to local food banks since 2011. That’s equivalent to 16.1 million meals.

The restaurant is committed to donating food to schools and other nonprofits in the community. LongHorn Steakhouse restaurants have donated more than 200,000 pounds of food to local food banks in Louisville alone. Those donations are enough to provide 16,1 million meals to hungry children.

The restaurant’s Harvest program donates unused food to local nonprofits and food banks. Hundreds of LongHorn locations across the country have participated in this program. Since the program began in 2004, LongHorn restaurants have donated more than 100 million pounds of food to needy organizations.

LongHorn Steakhouse and other restaurants across Northeast Ohio are partners in the Harvest Program, a food donation program that distributes excess food to nonprofits and local schools. The Harvest Program partners with many nonprofits and restaurants, including Olive Garden, to donate food. In 11 years, these organizations have donated enough food to feed 7.1 million people.

Proper Food

Proper Food Restaurants donate food to schools as part of their commitment to social responsibility. While some of the nation’s most prominent restaurants donate to nonprofits, small, local eateries can also make a substantial impact. One example is Chipotle, which donates food and kitchen equipment to schools. The chain contributes about 500,000 pounds of food annually. Another example is Pret, which donates unused meals. The company has partnered with Harlem Grown, an urban farming nonprofit, to serve warm meals to homeless families and children in shelters. This food donation helps provide food for children who often have less access to food when schools are closed.

In addition to supporting schools, many other fine dining establishments donate unsold food to nonprofits and food banks. Many Michelin-starred national restaurant chains and world-famous mega coffee shops donate their leftovers to local nonprofits to help prevent food waste. You can help your community by supporting such businesses and learning more about what they do and why they donate food to nonprofits.

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