Tips to Make Grocery Store Flowers Last

Tips to Make Grocery Store Flowers Last Grocery store

Grocery store flowers may look beautiful, but they can often die within a few days. Following a few simple tips can make them last longer. Cut the stems, trim the leaves, water, and place them in a shady location. In addition, you can buy a vase to keep them in.

Cut stems

If you’re buying grocery store flowers, there are some tricks you can use to extend the life of your flowers. First, make sure to cut the stems at an angle. This gives the tips of the stem more surface area to soak up water. Also, don’t crush the stems with a mallet, as this will make them rot faster.

Freshly cut flowers are a gorgeous addition to your home. While they’re only temporary, they can add a touch of nature to any room. Fortunately, there are some ways to prolong the life of cut flowers and make your money go further. Follow these tips to keep your cut flowers looking as fresh as possible.

Cut flowers need daily watering and maintenance. You can use flower food, or you can use water and a sugar packet. Both of these substances mimic the sugar rush the plants experience during photosynthesis. However, they can encourage bacteria. Make sure to keep water levels at room temperature.

Once you’ve cut the stems from your flowers, you’re ready to put them in water. Leaving the stems in water for a few hours or overnight will ensure that they stay fresher for longer. Remember to change the water every couple of days and remove the foliage so that the flowers can absorb the water.

Trim leaves

Keeping flowers fresh is easy when you know how to care for them. Keeping them clean will help them stay fresh longer. Trim the leaves of the flower stems to encourage air circulation and help them draw in more water. By trimming the leaves, you can give your flowers a longer life.


Whether you’re giving a bouquet to a friend or need to buy a vase for your own arrangement, there are a few tips to make grocery store flowers last. Watering them immediately is essential to ensure their freshness. You don’t need to use a lot of water, but you should add just enough to ensure they’re fresh.

Adding flower food is another way to extend the life of your flowers. It can be as simple as a teaspoon of sugar or two drops of bleach. These two ingredients will feed your flowers, reduce bacteria, and maintain their pH levels. Another helpful trick is to clean your vase with hot water and a bottle brush before placing flowers inside.

Before you put your flowers in water, make sure the solution has a pH level lower than 7.5. This will prevent bacteria from growing in the water, preventing them from wilting. To minimize bacteria and keep flowers looking fresh, you can also add a teaspoon of vinegar. It also helps lower the pH of the water and will help protect the flowers from fading.

Don’t forget to top off your flower vase with fresh water every day. This will help it keep looking beautiful for a longer time. Another great tip to remember is to cut your stems at 45 degrees. Using a sharp knife will help you make this cut easier and allow more water to seep through the flowers.

Inspect flowers

The best way to ensure the freshness of grocery store flowers is to inspect them carefully. The petals should be bright, not brown, and the stems should be firm and not mushy. Thick, solid stems are better than hollow stems because they will last longer. Look for flowers with a strong, green stem and firm petals.

To check the freshness of flowers, feel the underside of the petals and listen for a faint rustling sound. This indicates a fresh flower. Avoid buying flowers with wilted petals, brown petals, or transparent petals. It’s also wise to buy flowers that are in bloom rather than those that are not.

Cut flowers from a florist should last at least seven days. However, grocery store flowers are shipped long distances and aren’t always fresh. Most flowers are not in good condition and are only sold as a loss leader in grocery stores. The poor handling and storage of these flowers is one of the main reasons why they do not last long.

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