Where Can I Donate Food Cans?

Where Can I Donate Food Cans? Delivery bags

If you are a taxpayer and want to give food to the less fortunate, consider donating food cans to a charity you believe in. Not only can these donations help alleviate hunger in your community, but they can also be tax-deductible! To help you with this, the IRS has compiled a list of tax-exempt nonprofit organizations that accept canned goods. Not all nonprofits are included on the list, however. Some of the most common examples include churches, synagogues, mosques, and government agencies.

Food banks accept past-date canned goods.

Many people need to realize that food banks accept past-date canned goods. The reason is that these items are often still safe to eat, unlike many perishable items. Moreover, many food banks are small and cannot afford to hire a dietician to check the date of the food.

Although the USDA states that it does not distribute past-date foods, it does not regulate non-government food relief organizations. Therefore, past-date food donations are widely accepted. Food banks do not require a particular expiration date on the food, but they need that it is free of harmful ingredients.

There are several ways that food banks can accept past-date canned goods. You can donate soup, canned beans, pasta, and other foods. You can also donate household items like toothbrushes, toilet paper, and diapers. However, it is advisable to check the food before donating it.

Moreover, the government should set more robust guidelines for the quality of donated food. This would result in less food being wasted and more food being diverted to needy households. For this purpose, you should always think twice before tossing expired foods. They might still be good to eat.

Remember to label your items properly. Some things need refrigeration. If your donation is past-date, consider donating the items to a food bank with a refrigerator. Some food banks also have freezers for storing food. You can contact your local food bank to check whether they accept past-date cans.

Even though food banks accept past-date canned goods, they cannot repackage them. They want nutritious donations, not treats. So, donating past-date canned goods in family-sized bags rather than in huge boxes is better. You should also make sure to avoid contributing baby formula. Most food banks will only purchase specific types of baby formula, so it is best to check with the food bank before donating it.

Some organizations specialize in accepting past-date canned goods. For example, Feeding America runs 200 food banks and more than 60,000 food pantries nationwide. It is important to remember that you should sniff your canned goods before serving them to others.

Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest Food Banks are located across the country and help those in need by collecting millions of pounds of food each year. These nonprofit organizations work with farmers, grocery stores, and individuals to collect these donations. They also offer health management classes and referrals for pediatric care to those in need.

If you don’t live near a Second Harvest Food Bank location, you can also donate online by searching for a place in your area. Just type the name of your state in the search box and press search. You can also donate food via mail. The process is easy, and you’ll receive a tax receipt automatically the following year.

Another great way to donate food is to present your surplus food. Some food banks accept food that’s not used, so make sure to check the expiration date before sending any food in. Also, check the packaging to make sure it is in good condition. Don’t send in rusty cans or boxes or heavily dented or crushed. You can also pick up your donations at a designated location near your home.

By donating a small amount of money, you can significantly impact the lives of hungry families. Just $1 will provide four meals for a neighbor in South Louisiana. Donate here to help a neighbor in need today! Once you start making monthly donations, you’ll be amazed by your impact on the lives of those who receive your assistance.


Donating food cans is one way to give back to a local food pantry. If you are in the Buffalo area, you can drop them off at several different locations. Food cans are accepted at many retail locations, including Tops Friendly Markets, Town Square Media, and Midas repair shops. FeedMore WNY is constantly looking for business sponsors to help support its programs and events. Sponsors can help feed the hungry by sponsoring meal delivery bags or supplies. Businesses can also invest in food drives and birthday gifts.

If you’re in Buffalo, you can drop off food cans at the FeedMore WNY warehouse at 91 Holt Street in Buffalo. This warehouse is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are similar. Donating food cans to FeedMore WNY is easier than ever, as the company always needs extra cans.

West Side Campaign Against Hunger

You can donate food cans to the West Side Campaign Against Hunger to help feed needy residents. The food drive runs through Nov. 21. donation boxes are located in the 74th Street and 81st Street lobbies. The organization asks that you donate packaged and canned foods, including foods low in sugar and salt.

The WSCAH is a nonprofit in New York City that provides free groceries for low-income New Yorkers. This nonprofit works to end the hunger problem in the city by ensuring that food and supportive services are available to all people. You can donate online or drop a check at the West Side Campaign Against Hunger’s office on Kol Nidre. You can also read their mission statement, which is available online. The West Side Campaign Against Hunger’s statement outlines their work to fight hunger and the many people they serve. The nonprofit also thanks BJ for its donors’ ongoing support and generosity.

The West Side Campaign Against Hunger is one of the largest food pantries in the city. Last year, it served approximately 75,000 people. In addition to providing food, they provide social services and help with other necessities. Last year, WSCAH enrolled 586 families on food stamps, referred 453 people for GED or ESL classes, and helped 196 people find jobs.

The WSCAH also accepts food donations for its Hot Meals program. In addition to serving hot meals, the organization runs a choice pantry where families can choose between various foods. It also offers groceries to 2,000 people a week. These donations go a long way in helping the city’s residents stay healthy and eat well.

Alternatively, you can donate food to the Bowery Mission. This food pantry serves low-income and homeless New Yorkers. Last year, it provided 44,700 bags of groceries to the hungry. It asks that you donate canned, non-perishable foods and unopened packages.

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